up in honey's room by elmore leonard

★ ★ ★

Set during the Nazi period in Brooklyn, NY, we have Honey, the ex-wife of a man who is suspected to be Heinrich Himmler's identical twin, an FBI agent searching for him, being assisted but also seduced by Honey, and two German prisoners of war on the run. And that is without giving too much away!

I really wanted to like this book. The book's story-line and complexity was exciting, the main character, Honey, was sassy and intelligent - think Naomi in Wolf of Wall Street - and the book had one of the best last lines I've come across...but unfortunately it was just so hard to follow. I ended up making it to page 70 of this book, and starting again because I got lost in too many characters, and not enough explanation of who they were.

While I enjoy lots of speech in books, it needs to be clear enough to follow - and unfortunately this wasn't the case, as I found myself constantly checking back to see who was speaking.

I had to push myself through this book, waiting for something to happen. It eventually did, but not until around page 180 where things began to pick up and got a little weird, but in a really great way.

I'm going to give another one of Elmore Leonard's books a try, since he is such a successful author. I must say though, I struggled with this rating! The whole time I was reading the book I was convinced it wouldn't get a good rating, but the explosive ending lingered with me.



Reviewed by: @malireads
Sydney, Australia


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