this is just my face by gabourey sidibe


"I knew that if I wrote a book or directed a film I would be on my own without anything to hide behind. That's why I didn't want to do it. Fear. But here we are five or so years later, and the fear is gone. I'm standing by myself in front of the entire world with my book under one arm and my film under the other."

I have never seen Precious, nor The Big C and have only seen two or three episodes of Empire. But, somehow I was drawn to Gabourey Sidibe's book, This is Just My Face. Perhaps because she is part of a minority, who has faced many trials and still became successful - not only in her career but in becoming a generally good person.

I absolutely loved this book. A memoir of Sidibe's family life growing up, finding work in her early twenties and entry into fame, This Is Just My Face is genuine and refreshing and I didn't want it to end. Although I cannot find any commonalities between her life and mine, I still managed to be incredibly inspired throughout, and felt a big wave of groundedness and calm towards the end.

If you're feeling a bit lost, and need some passive guidance, or even if you are simply a fan of Sidibe's, this book is an excellent read and I highly recommend.

Side note: I am big on last lines in books -- often reading the last line before I start a novel (I know, I'm a monster), and really appreciated Sidibe's. [[Spoiler Alert (but not really a spoiler -- it's a memoir not a mystery novel)]]: "Thank you for reading." Why I reacted so much to this? I don't know! I surprised myself. But those last few words were when my feelings all clicked. Simple, humble and warm. The perfect ending to an excellent memoir.

Now excuse me while I go and watch everything she has ever been in.


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