the vegetarian by han kang


I don't know whether I enjoyed The Vegetarian or not. I struggled with the first two thirds of the book. I felt like I didn't know who the characters were, so didn't feel anything towards them and their story. But, I did respond to the last chapter, when I finally started to understand Yeong-hye.

In saying this, the writing was spectacular so I was drawn in to the book and managed to read the majority of it in one sitting.

I'm not going to place a numbered rating on this one because I honestly can't figure out what I would rate it.

It was poetic, uncomfortable, gruesome and powerful but with some blank moments, yet somewhat beautiful.

I always look to take something away from a book, and I feel like I did with this read, which is why I do recommend it.


Reviewed by: @malireads
Sydney, Australia


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