the outsiders by s.e. hinton

★ ★ ★ ★ 

The Outsiders follows the lives of two teenage "gangs" growing up in Oklahoma in the sixties. The book follows how the boys deal with the trauma after a brawl and murder take place between the groups.

A story about friendship and coming of age, The Outsiders (to my pleasant surprise) is a book to treasure long after it has been read. I was skeptical at the beginning, wondering how I would relate to the plot, however S.E. Hinton's ability to draw the reader in and form attachments with the characters is why this book has been so successful. Hinton also wrote this before she turned eighteen, which is not only hugely admirable, but also explains the great authenticity in portrayal of teenage angst throughout.

Add The Outsiders to the list of books that you should read in your lifetime. And then read it over and over again.

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