the great philosophers by stephen law

★ ★ ★ ★

I destroyed this book. I took it everywhere with me, I slept with it, I wrote in it, I dog-eared it, I loved it.

As a philosophy grad, this is one of my favourite genres to read. I thoroughly enjoy delving into ancient ideas, comparing them and looking at how not only they have evolved, but how we can apply something that was thought of 1500 years ago to contemporary issues.

A somewhat introductory book on the great philosophers throughout history, the chapters in this book read in chronological order, beginning with Buddha and ending with Peter Singer (it is also nice to see a few feminist philosophers pop up throughout the mid 1900’s).

I say this book is somewhat introductory as it assumes some knowledge and uses a fair amount of jargon throughout, however, the book literally introduces the great philosophers, describing their most well-known ideas followed by a short biography and list of their works. Thus, the book is an extremely useful tool to learn a bit of everything, choose the philosophers and ideas that resonate with you most and then research the topic further.

Covering ideas on religion to language and logic to morality, I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to explore the exciting world of philosophy. It’s a journey that betters us and builds our tolerance towards alternative ways of thinking, which is crucial in today’s current climate.

Read, read, read!


Reviewed by: @malireads
Sydney, Australia


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