The atomic weight of love by elizabeth j. church

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

“Take one Naive Girl.
Bring to room temperature in the Big City.
Add three cups Academia.
Sift in one cup of Encouragement.
Fold in two drops of Love.
Sprinkle with one teaspoon Adoration.
Mix thoroughly.
Spoon carefully into greased Pan of Matrimony.
Bake in Desert Heat for 25 years.
Test doneness with Careless Toothpick.
Let cool on Wire Rack of Intertia.
Serve with generous dollops of Benign Neglect.”

The Atomic Weight of Love follows Meridan, an academic specialising in the study of birds, from 1941-2011. While she has incredible hope for her studies and career, her marriage deters her from her chosen path, and the costs of living in a man’s world take over. With each chapter beginning with a priming fact about birds, the story has a built in structure that modernises the classical story.

This is Elizabeth J. Church’s debut novel, and my goodness I hope she writes more. Her prose is excellent and story-telling capabilities are beyond most that I have come across.

The Atomic Weight of Love is beautiful, enjoyable and very relevant. Please read it.


Reviewed by: @malireads
Sydney, Australia

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