seven brief lessons in physics by carlo rovelli


"For now this is what we know of matter. A handful of types of elementary particles, which vibrate and fluctuate constantly between existence and non-existence and swarm in space even when it seems that there is nothing there, combine together to infinity like the letters of a cosmic alphabet to tell the immense history of galaxies, of the innumerable stars, of sunlight, of mountains, woods and field of grain, or the smiling faces of the young at parties, and of the night sky studded with stars."

Who knew physics could be so poetic? This book is exactly what it says it is - seven brief lessons on physics, except it reads more like a wonderful piece of literature rather than a textbook.

Educational and beautifully written, an exquisite, very short (96 pages) read for someone who wants to take a break and learn about the universe.

Brief, yet beautiful.

Reviewed by: @malireads
Sydney, Australia


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