Scrappy little nobody by anna kendrick


I must say, when I found out Anna Kendrick had released an autobiography, I was a bit confused as to why, because she is still so young, but little did I know how much she has already accomplished! As much as this book was a selection of Kendrick's memoirs, it also provided a window into Hollywood unlike anything I have previously seen or read about.

Anna Kendrick is funny, witty and incredibly authentic - also the most redeeming qualities of this book. Spaced out into easy sections, the stories were inspiring, yet funny and believable, and Kendrick presented a sense of normalcy about Hollywood that I think many other authors in showbiz have attempted to do, but were unable to accomplish as well as she did.

Kendrick discusses her memories starting on Broadway when she was only ten years old, sneaking into raves and being exposed to a very adult world at fifteen, working on the Twilight films at the same time she was still struggling to pay her rent, and her first Hollywood experiences from long hours on movie sets and very un-glamorous red carpets to weird media encounters. Kendrick finishes off with a set of strange yet funny set of chapters about her ideal parties and a frightening Buccaneer Weekend, reminding us of her inner-crazy and making me love the actress even more!

Reviewed by: @malireads
Sydney, Australia


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