looking for alaska by john green

★ ★ ★ ★

This is John Green's debut novel, and by far my favourite of his. Despite being a young adult novel about teenage angst, Looking for Alaska still holds enough sophistication to be enjoyed by even those who aren't usually a fan of the genre.

The book follows the main character Miles, as he sets off to begin at a new boarding school. He rarely feels excited and accomplished, seeing his life as a somewhat non-event. That is, until he meets Alaska, a wild, free-spirited character, who takes Miles on a journey and guides him towards a new perspective on the world.

Engaging, exciting, perplexing and heartbreaking, I absolutely loved Looking for Alaska, and it is one of the only times a book as truly made me cry. Green has the ability to pull you into one of his stories, completely tear you up and then leave you to pick up the pieces. I lent this book to a friend, and for weeks he could not stop talking about it, repetitively asking me "Why?!".

The perfect weekend read, if you are after something simple that will still hit you hard. Recommended for all!

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