lion by saroo brierley


Originally titled A Long Way Home, I find it hard to put a rating on this book because of its personal nature. Lion is the autobiography of Saroo Brierley, who became lost among the train lines and busy streets of India at just five-years old. Later being adopted by a Tasmanian family, Brierley had a fine upbringing, but continually thought about his biological mother and siblings that he struggled to find. As an adult, not remembering the train lines he caught, nor the name of the suburb he grew up in, Brierley set himself on a mission to find his biological family, just using Google Earth and visual memories.

I was engaged in this book from the beginning. It wasn't as emotional as I had expected, and found the book read rather like an objective narrative - which I did appreciate. However, what is hard to digest, is that Brierley was just one of tens-of-thousands of children who survive the streets of India, and thus he emphasises how lucky he was to be rescued by his adoptive family. A simple read, with an important message and a lot of depth.

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