In This Moment: Five Steps to Transcending Stress Using Mindfulness and Neuroscience by kirk d. strosahl and patricia j. robinson

★ ★ ★ ★

"Although you have a mind, you are not the same as your can recognise that the mind's messages can either be used or discarded, and that the choice is up to you. You are the human; the mind is the mind."

This is probably one of the most effective mindfulness books I have read. It is incredibly practical, giving the reader short activities to do throughout their day and provides explanations on why they are useful from a scientific perspective. In This Moment is to be treated more as a workbook to refer back to and track your progress.

This book is a successful example of bringing the Buddhist philosophy into the mainstream world, and is a useful tool no matter what stage of your mindfulness practice you are in.

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