hemingway in love by a.e. hotchner

★ ★ ★

A.E. Hotchner revisits the story of Ernest Hemingway in this memoir, writing about a part of his life that hasn't been discussed in literature yet - a reflection on his romantic affairs.

While I had high hopes for this book, unfortunately it fell flat. While the writing was fluid and brilliant, I struggled with the content. Hotchner discusses his final meetings with Hemingway, and Hemingway's feelings of regret toward his affairs throughout his lifetime. 

Honestly, I felt like I was just reading about his romantic scandals, not taking any lessons from Hemingway's stories, as I found myself disapproving of them anyway. I almost felt guilty reading this book, as it was noted that his stories had not been shared until Hemingway's wife, Mary, had passed away in order to protect her from this information.

In saying this, the book is a worthwhile read for any fan of Hemingway's, as it is still an opportunity to read about him in a different light.


Reviewed by: @malireads
Sydney, Australia


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