Girl In Between by Anna Daniels

★ ★ ★ 

When Lucy moves back in with her parents at the age of 32, she is forced to make decisions on her career, love life and future plans. Taking advice from those in her old home town, including her hilarious mother and father and best friend Rosie, Lucy is guided through her crossroads, ultimately deciding where she will end up.

The book is full of classic, Aussie humour, reminding me a lot of The Castle and my Neighbours obsession from back in the day. While the book isn't event heavy (not much really happens), it is very conversational and focused on building relationships both old and new.

It was a pleasant read, and I probably would have responded to the book if I found myself in a place like Lucy. Definitely an easy piece of chick-lit, with just the right amount of humour, Girl In Between is worth a read.


Reviewed by: @malireads
Sydney, Australia


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