Founded in 2016 by Amalia Cole, Camper Reads (Previously Mali Reads) is a platform for sharing inspiration and knowledge through book recommendations. 

Camper Reads' focus is on the way in which our opinions differ and our ability to learn new points of view from one and another. Placing a high value on tolerance, acceptance and importantly the drive for knowledge, we strongly believe that to gain the best world view, we must develop an understanding of as many different sides of the story as possible. One of the best ways to build this richer understanding of the world around us is by reading.

We believe that we learn better when we are engaged and when learning feels like an adventure rather than a chore. This is why Camper Reads allows readers to easily search for a book based on how they feel at the time. The website also allows for people to share their own recommendations in a structured community space, as the more opinions, the better.

Camper Reads runs in an online magazine format with various features to enrich your reading and learning experience. These include our conversations with people from relevant fields who inspire, as well as articles prompted by books that we have read, discussing how we can apply the knowledge and ethics they have shared into our everyday lives. Through clean and simple navigation, we have been sure to make the website pleasing to the eye...which never hurts.

We hope you can explore a variety of topics, expose yourself to something you are unfamiliar with, allow yourself to be critical, discuss your findings with others and most importantly, enjoy the journey!